Welcome to the webpage of the Latvian-Finnish Families Association

Laivas is a Finland based association for Latvian-Finnish families, established in 2006. Its mission is to preserve and promote Latvian heritage within the Latvian community in Finland. It enables the maintenance of connections among people and strengthens Latvian identity in Finland.

On this website, Laivas gathers information about events and news related to the Latvian community in Finland, Latvian culture and the concerts of creative diaspora groups. You will also find information about lessons, clubs, and events organized for children by the Latvian school.

Laivas association

From the very beginning, the association has organized events and clubs to support Latvian children and their parents in maintaining the Latvian language. The association carries out various projects to achieve its goals, organizing a variety of clubs, camps, trips, and cultural events. Over the years, Laivas' activities have expanded and (since 2014) the mixed choir, Ziemeļmeita, the Latvian folk dance group Aurora (since 2017) and the Latvian school Pikku Putni (since 2022) operates under the association. Popular events organized by Laivas include autumn harvest festivals and summer family camps. The association regularly collaborates with the Latvian Embassy, organizing various events such as Christmas parties, Midsummer celebrations, birdwatching trips, and other activities for children, youth, and their families.

Laivas provides its members and the entire Latvian community in Finland with a unique opportunity to explore and maintain Latvian cultural values, be a part of it, create social connections, and reinforce Latvian identity. The concerts organized by the choir and dance group bring together Latvians from different parts of Finland, enabling them to connect and communicate in their native language. To expand the events and arouse local Latvians' interest, Laivas organizes joint events in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Finland, Rozentāls Society, and other organizations."

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